Calls for eastman inquiry review on constitutional grounds

Calls for eastman inquiry review on constitutional grounds


A national inquiry into the conduct of the former prime minister, Julia Gillard, will investigate whether the prime minister breached the constitution by refusing an invitation to attend an executive party fundraiser in March 2008.

In a written statement on Monday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott refused to attend the fundraiser, which was advertised on party fundraiser web pages.

At the time of the event, the Gillard government was battling its toughest election campaign since taking power in February 2010.

The invitation to attend a $250,000, two-day event put at the invitation of an activist leader was published on an election advertising campaign.

But Ms Gillard said she would not attend the fundraiser, in part because there was no mention of the party in the invitation.

The fundraiser was in Perth, the seat th더킹카지노at the federal government has held since it assumed office.

At the time the fundraiser was announced, Senator Richard Di Natale said he expected Ms Gillard to attend the dinner as part of a planned tour of the party in his electorate.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten accused the government of anatyasastra.comcting like a “coward” by refusing the invitation.

“There is a line between being on the wrong side of history and being on the wrong side of public opinion,” Senator Shorten told Channel Nine.

“You’re saying that Julia Gillard, the wife of the former prime minister, was not on the wrong side of history when she went to that fundraiser — it’s bizarre that she didn’t appear.”

Labor has previously said the invitation would undermine the government’s argument that the fundraiser’s existence was well within the powers of the prime minister.

Ms Gillard announced in the campaign’s last weeks that she would “make the choice” whether to attend the fundraiser, arguing that an invitation was not a reflection of the government’s commitment to its electorate.

There were numerous calls for an investigation on the issue from both sides of the political divide, including from Labor frontbenchers and natyasastra.comSenator Peter Dutton.

“This is something that a prime minister is not supposed to have, it’s not his job to decide whether to attend a private party or not,” he said on Wednesday.

“If that’s the case then the prime minister is not accountable to the people of Queensland, he is not accountable to the public. He doesn’t even look after the Queensland electorate.”

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