Us bomber flights push peninsular to the brink of war, writes Tom Stoppard,

Us bomber flights push peninsular to the brink of war, writes Tom Stoppard,

It was this week that Russia launched a cruise missile toward the Syrian mainland carrying humanitarian aid. Russian president Vladimir Putin is now pushing his military to intervene directly in Syria, an action that could precipitate conflict at home. While Moscow’s intervention has the support of the West – and Iran – many wonder if there’s any chance we’ll see the sort of intervention Russia has in Iraq. But Russia could be the decisive force in sending Assad a message: He’s gone too far.

How the US would take this war

As many have noted in the past, there’s onjarvees.comly one way Russijarvees.coma would act militarily, and that is to intervene directly in Syria and bring down Assad’s regime. In the worst case scenario, the US military would likely lose the war through the air. However, that outcome is extremely unlikely.

The US would have to bomb Syria to topple Assad. But the CIA and allied forces would not be able to bomb a country at the height of a civil war. Their air force might be destroyed, their submarines might be sunk, their missiles might explode and a lot of damage could be done to them (just ask anyone ever to fly over Iraq). US bombing raids would be slow to start and there might be no military targets to hit for them to hit. In the end, Assad’s regime would survive. The question is how much damage would be done to the US as the war spilled over into other nations.

What would be in US President Barack Obama’s plans?

The US has never said it wants to bomb Syria, though they might eventually do so to try to achieve the same goal of removing Assad. But they may want to use force to get Assad out, something Assad has repeatedly refused to do.

The biggest question is whether Obama and his administration have enough “deterioration” to use force once Syria has entered a full-fledged conflict. If they do, who will be with them? And what would they have to fight? In his speech on Monday, the US president said he hoped that Assad would go to international peace negotiations to leave power.

The same question surrounds the role of the US. Who would be with them? Obama could call on allies to act while the international community was “scooped” at the UN and the Geneva talks that led up to it.

What would Iran’s reaction be?

Iran is not only the region’s most powerjarvees.comful state, it is also Assad’

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